So what’s this all about?

In late 2014, we put our heads together to create a solution for English teachers looking to heighten rigor and engagement in their classrooms.  Shortly thereafter, we launched — a thriving hub for English teachers with a hankering to enhance their instruction with popular culture and current events.  TeachArgument continues to serve thousands of teachers every day, and since its inception, has given hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of resources away to passionate educators for free.  (Pretty cool stuff, right?)

As highly reflective educators, it’s no surprise that we constantly feel compelled to assess our efforts — so we regularly email our subscribers to check in, to inquire about which resources are more helpful than others, and to maintain a pulse on what English teachers like ourselves could truly benefit from.  The most commonly reported challenges faced by English teachers across the globe, as you can likely guess, are: “There isn’t enough time in the day,” “There aren’t enough good resources in any one place,” and “I don’t have enough money.”  

SecondaryELA represents a concerted effort to remedy each of these problems.  If you’re struggling to find the time to plan your next project, unit, or lesson, peruse the materials posted in our marketplace to find just the thing you’re looking for.  If you have a great lesson to share, or if you’re simply looking to make a few bucks, post your finest resources for sale and share your brilliance with your fellow English teachers.

First and foremost, SecondaryELA is a place exclusively for secondary English teachers — a place to collaborate, a place to share great ideas, and a place that was built to fuel the fires of bright and passionate English educators.  There are plenty of general education platforms and websites  whirling about — brimming of elementary clipart and math packets.  But not here.  SecondaryELA reads books, assigns essays, and grades research papers.  SecondaryELA appreciates Shakespeare, enjoys a good poem, and understands why you feel the way you do about grammar instruction.  Yep.  SecondaryELA is here for you.